Welcome to Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society

Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society (ECA-CES), is an independent association of educators, who dedicate their work to improvement of understanding of current restrains at all levels of educational systems through conducting comparative and cross-country research.

In 2020 our society became the Our society became an Organizational Partner in Central Asia of UN NGO Major Group! Fulfilling this important role for the ECA-CES means receiving the mandate for the start of work in the direct frames of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) and Sustainable Development Agenda. The role of the OP entails assisting and facilitating participation of the NGO Major Group in the intergovernmental processes at the UN in a broad sense. ECA-CES will be advocating for the active role of NGOs accredited to the HLPF as well as to protect and strengthen the space for civil society at the UN.


may, 2024

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