Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society networking resources include members portal that serves as communicational platform, regular newsletter, groups in popular social networks.

Communication resources perform the function of informing a wide range of specialists on specific thematic topics about educational assessment, research and managements, current projects of ECA-CES members, the possibilities of advanced training educational programs and research calls, as well as the main events in the field of education: conferences, seminars, international studies and their results.

ECA-CES aims at informing its members on the latest news and development in the educational sphere. ECA-CES produces a newsletter that helps engaging with fellow members of the society who has the same research interests. In the newsletter you can find information on upcoming educational events of the society, members’ research work, members’ recent publications (including books, papers, dissertations), international job vacancies, General Committee letter and other useful information. The newsletter is published 3 times a year.

The member portal operates similar to the newsfeed of the most used social networks. All members can post information on their research, organize webinars or other types of discussion, create polls, share materials and external links. It supports mutual integration with resources of professional communities and partner organizations, social networks, search resources, the blogosphere, social networks, as well as a database of experts and partners, an e-library and other resources. To get access to the member portal you must be a member of the Society. The access will be granted after receiving the membership fee. Please, read more about the membership in ECA-CES here.