Our Society promotes and facilitates capacity building in the sphere of education quality assessment in the countries of Europe and Central Asia region. It is understood that developing middle-income states, say nothing of low-income ones, do not have opportunities and resources to make it independently. Though countries usually have institutional arrangements for learning assessments, capacity building and peer learning opportunities to support the development of national assessment frameworks are needed.

The mission of ECA-CES to provide young specialists and experts of the region with opportunities on life-long learning and capacity building. Very often due to lack of information and undeveloped institutions in developing countries specialists have very small chance to enter global expert community and be aware of the international educational agenda and initiatives. ECA-CES activities help members by navigating them in the field of international approaches to education reforming and building career trajectory in accordance. ECA-CES applies different tools for capacity building, including following:

  1. Database of organizations and platforms that provide learning and training opportunities such online short-term courses and further in-profession training in specific topics related to research in education
  2. Collecting, storing and distributing information on grant opportunities for researchers, including research calls, grant competitions, travel grants and other similar initiatives where researcher can receive financial support for the work
  3. Helping in receiving post-graduate education including finding a sponsor for scholarship
  4. Launching of ECA-CES research calls for women and young researchers
  5. Promoting cross-country comparative research conducting
  6. Making visible the researchers from developing countries
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